Finally, Ice Wine From the North

Wisconsin doesn't routinely make people think about wine. But when they do, they're more inclined to make it ice wine.

Oddly enough, the northern state has been having trouble making ice wine for the past half-dozen years. The early winters have been too mild. Now, however, for only the second time in that span an early cold snap has allowed one Wisconsin vintner the chance to resume it.

Wollersheim Winery (shown here) in Prairie du Sac has been producing ice wine since 1999, but this is only the first time it was able to make the true style -- from grapes harvested after freezing in the vineyard and then, while the grapes still are in a frozen state, pressing them into ice crystals.

Julie Coquard, Wollersheim vice president, told the Associated Press, "I know it doesn't seem much like harvest time, but this is exactly when the grapes for ice wine must be picked and pressed.''

Coquard said Wollersheim intends to continue increasing the crop and making Wisconsin (click here for a wine trail connection) ice wine a major part of its product line.

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