Microsoft goes into microwine biz

Just when you thought Microsoft had thought of everything in its quest for world domination, a new angle has been found.

Try Blue Monster Reserve wine. Created by the South African winery Stormhoek for Microsoft and its employees, the label will not be commercially available -- at least at first. It is being referred to as a "social object" for geek dinners and people inside the Microsoft ecosystem.

According to the winery's Web site, it and Microsoft "are still working on the final details of how we’re going to get the wine to people who want it."

Right now that means the people who belong to the “Friends of Blue Monster” Facebook group rather than all the 79,000 MS employees in 102 countries.

As the folks at Stormhoek note, "Own-label wine and personalised bottles have become increasingly popular in the corporate world, particularly among investment banks, as gifts to clients and offered to guests of corporate events. The companies hope the corporate vintages will add an air of class and sophistication to their image."

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