Women's Wine Competition, round 2

The 2nd annual National Women's Wine Competition is nearly upon us.

The nation's only wine competition judged solely by women is scheduled for March 16-19 in Santa Rosa, CA. The field is expected to be 2,500 entries from 30 U.S. states and seven foreign countries. Medal-winning wines will be published in a "Wines Women Love Shopping List" that will become available April 1 online. The complete list of judges already is available online.

Judith Oppenheimer, event co-founder and director, said, "The point of the competition is to have top women identify and recommend top wines. With our Shopping List, you have the assurance of knowing the wine you select has impressed extremely discerning women palates.

"Many Americans love wine, but are unsure of what to buy. The choices are enormous, and most people don't want to risk tossing the dice on a $10, $20, $30 or more bottle of wine without some recommendation from a source they can trust. The Wines Women Love Shopping List takes the guesswork out of buying wine."

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