And now, an apple ice sparkler

Domaine Pinnacle, the Canadian orchard and winery that produces some of the world's top-ranked iced apple wines, has introduced what is believed to be the first sparkling ice apple wine.

The venue was the Tax Free World Exhibition in Singapore last week.

The wine is made from a blend of six different types of apples, hand picked after the first frost. Once the frozen water is removed, the remaining juices are cold fermented for up to eight months. Production of the 12% ABV wine is limited to 30,000 cases.

"Pinnacle Ice Apple has already proved ... a superb quality alternative aperitif or dessert wine which is growing in popularity ... ," said Cyril Camus, president of the Camus firm that is distributing the ice wine.

Domaine Pinnacle, founded in 2000, is located on a 430-acre property on the slopes of Pinnacle Mountain near the village of Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, near the Vermont border. In fact, its cidery and retail shop are located in the property's original 1859 farmhouse which offers views of Quebec, Vermont and New York State.

Pinnacle is owned and operated by Susan and Charles Crawford, with Christian Barthomeuf, a French emigré who pioneered ice wine making in Quebec.

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