New winery opens new brewery

The Three Brothers Winery and Estates in Geneva, NY, opened last fall. Now it has opened a brewery on the property as well.

“The brothers got together to see who could produce the best wine,” David Mansfield, one of three brothers who collectively own the microbrewery, told MPnow.com. “We don’t agree on much, but the one thing we do agree upon is great handcrafted beer."

The Finger Lakes brewery, called Barley Yards, actually is the fourth enterprise that is part of the 36-acre family collective on Seneca Lake encompassing a restaurant, a pavilion and a wedding barn along with separate wineries/labels for its high-end, semi-sweet and sweet wines: Stony Lonesome, Passion Feet Vineyards and Wine Barn and Rouge’s Hollow.

Barley Yards is located in a barn with World War II airport-hangar decor. Beer is served out of miniature airplane wings that holds six tasting glasses.

“We serve the world’s first Riesling ale, and it’s our best seller so far,” Mansfield said, explaining that the ale is a lighter type of beer made with Riesling grape juice. The brewing company also offers a dark American larger, India pale ale, raspberry wheat and amber beer.

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