Brit pubs will have to offer shorter wines

Brits and visitors alike will be seeing new offerings in UK pubs and restaurants that serve wine,

The change: Addition of a smaller, 125ml serving to go with the usual 175 and 250ml sizes.

The change is a result of a campaign by Greg Mulholland, Member of Parliament for North Leeds, who introduced a Private Member’s Bill in January that requires all pubs to offer the smaller serve.

“In the last few years there has been a clear move to ‘trade up’ wine glass measures and phase out smaller glass sizes, the result being that often drinkers do not know how many units of alcohol they are consuming," Mulholland told the Morning Advertiser which calls itself "Officially the piub trade's favourite."

“Requiring pubs and bars to sell smaller wine glasses, as well as the larger sizes, would increase consumer choice at the same time as being a simple and effective method of increasing alcohol awareness and encouraging responsible drinking, and I am very pleased that the government has recognized this.”

Mark Hastings, communications director for the British Beer & Pub Association, claims requiring pubs to offer smaller measures will have “little or no impact on the quantity they drink, but would have an impact on their enjoyment.”

He noted this by saying that because buying in 125ml serves encourages people to re-order quickly -– meaning they purchase 250ml -- rather than “linger” with a 175ml glass. And, he said, 20-30% of wine bought in pubs is by the bottle, “which makes the size of glass irrelevant.”

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