Wineries Unlimited shifting venues

Wineries Unlimited, the second largest vineyard and winery conference and trade show in North America, will be held in Richmond, VA, next year, ending a 34-year run in Pennsylvania.

Wineries Unlimited 2011 is scheduled for March 29 through April 1, about three weeks later in the season than recent shows.

Event organizers said the venue change was made because "the more southerly location and later dates are expected to provide better weather conditions for attendees traveling from other states."

The last four editions of Wineries Unlimited were held at the Valley Forge Convention Center in suburban Philadelphia. A number of previous shows were located in Lancaster, PA.

The event has been produced since 1976 by the wine trade publication Vineyard & Winery Management.

Annette Boyd, marketing office director of the Virginia Wine Board, said the move will create new opportunities for Virginia wineries.

"Our growers and producers will have better access to the information provided by Wineries Unlimited, and the event will help showcase their wines to colleagues from other states."

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