Stone Hill tops in Missouri again

COLUMBIA, MO -- Stone Hill Winery has emerged as winner of the Missouri Governor's Cup wine competition for the second consecutive year.

The cup is awarded to what the judges claim is the best wine in Missouri. It went to Stone Hill's 2009 Vignoles at the Missouri Wine Competition that drew 242 entries from 35 Missouri wineries last week.

The Governor's Cup-winning Vignoles was selected from a field of 12 "Best of Class" honorees:

 Sparkling -- Brut, Les Bourgeois Vineyards
• Dry White -- 2009 Dry Vignoles, Stone Hill Winery
• Semi-Dry White -- 2009 Steinberg White, Stone Hill Winery
• Sweet White -- 2009 Vignoles, Stone Hill Winery
• Dry Red -- 2008 Cross J Vineyard Norton, Stone Hill Winery
• Semi-Dry Red -- 2009 Steinberg Red, Stone Hill Winery
• Sweet Red -- Mellow Red, Pirtle Winery
• Blush -- 2009 Spring Rose, Chaumette Winery
• Fruit -- Blackberry Mead, Pirtle Winery
• Late Harvest/Ice -- 2008 Late Harvest Vignoles, Stone Hill Winery
• Dessert/Fortified -- 2006 Port, Stone Hill Winery
• Distilled -- Peach Eau de Vie Brandy, Montelle Winery

"Vignoles wines are made from one of Missouri's most versatile grapes," said Missouri Wine and Grape Board Executive Director Jim Anderson (shown above with Danene Beedle, marketing director). "This award symbolizes Stone Hill's commitment to their industry, the quality of a true Vignoles and excellence in winemaking."

The awards were based on blind tastings by 10 judges from around the U.S, including two from California and two from New York. Judges awarded 41 gold, 75 silver medals and 72 bronze medals during the two-day competition. A complete list of medalists is available online.

This year's award-winning wines will be on display in the Agriculture Building at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia from August 12 to 22.

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