The Donald snaps up distressed VA winery

A broad look at the Kluge property.

CHARLOTTSVILLE, VA -- The Donald now is The Owner. Although, the idea of Donald Trump owning something is pretty much an everyday thing.

In this instance, Trump was the top bidder for the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard in a foreclosure auction this week. It apparently was the latest piece of property the mogul has purchased from socialite Patricia Kluge, who he's known since they were in their 20s. She received an estimated $15 million in her divorce from late billionaire John Kluge, who at one point was the richest man in America.

The winery, located just south of here, won prizes and good reviews, but Kluge and her current husband, former IBM executive William Moses, "gained somewhat controversial reputations in the close-knit wine industry, with some vintners sniping that the two were rich self-promoters," according to The Washington Post.

"I'm really interested in good real estate, not so much in wine," Trump told The Post. "This place had a $28 million mortgage on it, and I bought it for $6.2 million. It's a Trump deal!"

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