Brotherhood launches new steel wine kegs

Signature orange-capped steel kegs.
WASHINGTONVILLE, NY -- Brotherhood Winery is peddling more than wine these days. The nation's oldest winery has come up with a new 20-liter stainless steel wine container it hopes will tap into the growing keg wine sales niche.

The "Brotherhood Winery Wine Keg" is a modification of a design from a decade ago that did not catch on. Rather than using metals that reacted with the wine, creating the signature "rotten egg" smell of hydrogen sulfide, as before, Brotherhood now uses only non-reactive stainless steel for every part of the keg that touches the wine.

The kegs purportedly will preserve the fresh taste of the wine up to two years. Cooling coils in the kegs holding white wine will allow the wine to be served chilled from the tap.

Oak Beverages, a Rockland County wholesale beer distributor, will distribute the kegs statewide. Arrangements are in the works for a Midwest distributor.

Cesar Baeza, Brotherhood co-owner, says the company is hoping to expand from wine-on-tap kegs for restaurants and special event facilities to local beer retailers where individual customers could get refills or replacements of the 20-liter kegs.

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