UK inventor comes up with paper wine bottle

The recyclable paper wine bottle.
I recently reported on my Spirits Notebook blog details of a new product -- Scotch whisky in a can. Today, it's wine in a paper bottle.

No, not a paper bag, a la homeless winos. This is an actual paper bottle, called GreenBottle. It's trumpeted as the world's first such wine package.

GreenBottle is the brainchild of Suffolk, England, inventor Martin Myerscough who based it on a paper milk bottle he created and that has sold 100,000 units since it went on sale in the UK earlier this year.

The wine bottle combines a paper outer layer and a thin plastic lining. The idea is to have a recyclable container rather than fill up landfills with empty bottles.

GreenBottle is in the process of holding talks with supermarkets and wine producers with an eye toward making the paper contaienrs available to consumers as early as next year.

Myerscough told the UK Press Association, "The best thing about GreenBottle is that consumers just get it. We've found that if you offer them the choice of a paper bottle or a plastic one they'll choose paper every time. ... All you would need to do [to recycle] is rip out the plastic lining and put the paper outer-casing in the bin or on the compost heap."

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