Trumps to ex-winery owner: You're fired

Eric F. Trump
Donald Trump has really completed his takeover of the Kluge Estate Winery.

After purchasing the Charlottesville, VA, winery and renaming it -- what else? Trump Winery -- the mogul has fired its founder and former owner, Patricia Kluge.

 Kluge founded the winery after divorcing her husband, businessman John Kluge, and receiving a $100 million divorce settlement.

Despite all that money, she quickly ran into financial problems and declared bankruptcy in 2011. Shortly afterward, Kluge sold the winery to Trump for $6.2 million.

Trump kept Kluge on to help run the winery while he put his own team in place. His son Eric F. Trump now runs the complex, and he and Papa Trump told Kluge her services no longer were needed.

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