Web site review: StarChefs.com

This food-and-beverage site has a lot going for it, in particular its good archival service for consumers with wine questions. Its sommelier search utility allows visitors to access a variety of Q&A sessions with top-notch wine experts.

The total Web site has, in my view, come a long way from a minimal, sometimes-stale site that it was in its formative years. In addition to an easy-to-navigate design it offers such things as "Ask the StarChefs Editorial Team Your Culinary Questions," professionals' tips for effective wine, spirits and food shopping, and a week-long menu from a chef of the week.

Who is the site designed for? Its subtitle is "The magazine for culinary insiders," thus the links to cooking schools, industry jobs and other such information. However, there are so many buying tips, recipes, beverage details and the like that the site is of value to anyone interested in food and drink.

By the numbers (5 the highest, 0 obviously the lowest):

Eye Appeal (5): An attractive, professional look throughout the site.
Content (5): Deep and broad in a variety of food and beverage categories.

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