For Madonna, It's a Very Good Year

Madonna has made a career of reinventing her image. Her latest: winemaker.

The singer / dancer / actress / author / entrepreneur's wine will be sold in bottles carrying an image of her on the label along with a "certificate of authenticity," whatever that may be.

Four wines will be available, the most expensive of them a 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon selling for about $40 a bottle. The others are a pinot grigio and a barbera ($29 each)and a non-alcoholic "unwine" ($25 -- for a bottle of grape juice). The series of wines is labeled "Confessions On a Dance Floor." One of the images is taken from her 11th studio album of that name.

This may turn out to be a classier offering from the Queen of Pop than the "Jesus Juice" a California couple is trying to market with the King of Pop on the label.

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