Mad Dogs & Englishmen join Fat Bastard

If that headline looks like a jumble puzzle, don't be fazed by it. It means just what it says: The creator Of Fat Bastard Wines has come up with a new naming gimmick.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen is a line of Spanish red and white wines created by Guy Anderson, the Brit who created the Fat Bastard line of French wines.

It includes three wines:

• The red blend, a Monastrell Shiraz Cabernet, sourced from Denominacion de Origen Jumilla, a hot, arid region in the southeast of Spain. It will retail for about $13.95.

• The reserve level, POSH Monastrell Shiraz Tempranillo, is also sourced from Jumilla, planned to retail at about $17.

• The Godello Chardonnay, a crisp white blend, is from the Bierzo region in the cool northwest of Spain. Projected retail price is $14.

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