Paging Douglas Green

Dear Mr. Dowd:

I live in Newton, MA. While visiting my son recently in Washington, DC, he offered me at dinner a Douglas Green shiraz that I liked and which was very inexpensive.

I have not been able to find it at the local liquor stores and it is illegal in Massachusetts to order wine shipments by mail. Would you know how can I find a store locally that carries it?

Many thanks.

Athanasius Anagnostou

Dear Athanasius:

Douglas Green is a South African winery that sells its wares at wine shops in most U.S. states, particularly in the East.

I suspect a few well-placed phone calls will turn one up for you. I'd suggest, for starters, trying Murray's Liquors, (two Newton locations) 747 Beacon St. (617/964-1550) and 675 Washington St. (617/332-1230) or Lower Falls Wine Co., 2366 Washington St., Newton, (617/332-3000).

You don't mention the vintage of the shiraz you liked, but 2003 was a good one and it usually retails for about $10 a bottle.

If those contact numbers don't help you locally, you may want to ask your son to order a few bottles and ship them to you. There's still nothing illegal about family members helping each other.

For those unfamiliar with Douglas Green, particularly the shiraz, it's an unblended, rich, velvety red with notes of prune, berry and spice. The lingering aftertaste makes it a good pairing with bold meat dishes.

Dear Mr. Dowd:

I am very grateful for your amazingly prompt and exceedingly useful advice.
Many thanks.

Athanasius Anagnostou

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