Kiddie champagne and beer a Japanese trend

Sangaria, a Japanese beverage company, is doing what in most countries would be unthinkable: manufacturing pretend beer and other such beverage products for children.

Japan's drinking culture, which includes educating young people in the practices, is well known and the company says using such products allows children to more fully participate in family celebrations.

"Kodomo no nomimono," for example, comes in cans, bottles and six-packs. It looks like beer, tastes like apple juice and foams in a glass. The product line also includes fake champagne, wine and cocktails.

There's even a TV ad you can watch featuring kids downing these drinks.

Ridiculous stuff.

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Mark R. Baker said...

Not completely different from how many Americans use Martinelli's.

William M. Dowd said...


Not to be argumentative, but most people who view the TV ad for the products might see quite a difference. Nevertheless, thanks for posting your comment.