Reality winemaking nears for public TV

Last December, I reported that Public Broadcasting was working on a six-part series called "The Wine Makers," patterned along the lines of "The Apprentice."

Well, production is marching on and the 12 contestants culled from more than 600 applicants have been chosen to compete in the hour-long installments, according to co-creator Kevin Whelan, who says:

“The show features people from all walks of life, with no experience in wine, who will compete against each other, and the winner will create and launch their own wine label.”

They also have to handle the marketing and sales of the wines they produce, which should quickly separate the wannabes from the winemakers. The winemaking will be done at Crushpad, a San Francisco custom-winemaking facility. Crushpad’s resident winemakers will help the contestants through the process.

Whelan, whose partner is wife Jennifer Levine, previously worked with Mark Burnett, who produced both “The Apprentice” and “Survivor.” He also ran the six-part PBS series "UNCORKED: Wine Made Simple," which is set to air in most parts of the country this month.

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1 comment:

barefoot wine said...

Now this is interesting, really. Reality-TV producers must be really running out of ideas. In the future maybe all aspects of life will be played in reality-TV. However, this TV show might appeal to local and commercial winemakers.