Perrier-Jouet all bubbly over the super-rich

The latest entry in the "world's most expensive blah-blah-blah" competition demands our attention in the champagne category.

A personalized, limited edition 12-bottle boxed set of Perrier-Jouet Champagne will go on sale Thursday with a price tag of 50,000 euros, or $78,944 U.S.

if that seems a bit pricey, consider a single bottle at 4,166 euros, or $6,576 U.S.

First, of course, you have to qualify for the privilege of buying the bubbly. Pernod-Ricard, which owns Perrier-Jouet, said sales will be limited to "a community of super-rich" consumers in the U.S., U.K., Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland and France.

"We are going to sell these box-sets to 100 people around the world who will have a chance to customise their own champagne, the ultimate luxury," said Perrier Olivier Cavil, head of communications at Perrier-Jouet. "Each buyer will come to Epernay (in eastern France) for a one-on-one meeting with our cellar master Herve Deschamps, and will personally add a 'liqueur' to personalise the bottles."

The special edition champagne is a combination of sugar and wines from different years, and the liqueur will put the finishing touch on bottles of Perrier-Jouet's 2000 Belle Epoque champagne.

The previous price record was held by a limited edition of Dom Perignon champagne, which went on sale in 2005 for 12,000 euros, or $18,957 U.S., per three-litre bottle.

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Mark Goldrich, U.K., said...

You would have to be quite an expert to taste the difference between the regular 2000 vintage and the “personalised” version. Most of the contents will be the same, and even the liqueur will made from wines with the same house style.

More importantly, the bottle will look pretty much like a normal bottle of vintage Perrier-Jouet. So, how will it impress your guests?

It would be a lot cheaper and more visually impressive to buy a top quality champagne with your own specially designed label on it. Euromarque offers Hachette rated premier cru champagne with your own label for less than 40 euros, which is a lot better value than the 4,166 euros for the Perrier-Jouet.

William M. Dowd said...


Despite your affiliation in sales with Euromarque, your points are well made.

I think you’ll probably find the same general objections to any of the “most expensive etc.” claims in the fields of wine, spirits and beers. Then again, the makers don’t have to come up with a lot of customers to make their budget.