Psst, think Canberra wine

If you're interested in checking out what its producers think will be a singular wine, you'd better start working your Australian contacts early.

This year's wine harvest is so impressive it will be bottled for the territory's centenary celebrations, according to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government.

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope told the Canberra Times that a riesling and a shiraz would be created using some of this year's best fruit and the top skills of the local wine industry.

"The wine will be released in our centenary year, 2013," he said. "I understand the (local winemakers') association is looking to make this process as inclusive as possible so that a number of winemakers in the district will have the opportunity to be part of the unique project."

The Canberra Region Wine District has emerged as one of Australia's premier wine producing regions in recent years. There are 35 wineries within a 35-minute drive of Canberra city. Overall, there are 140 vineyards in the ACT, with most of them small boutique operations.

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