A celebri-quote: Peggy Fleming

Figure skating star Peggy Fleming was interviewed by sfgate.com on her fight with breast cancer and on the winemaking business, Fleming Jenkins Vineyards & Winery, she runs with husband Dr. Greg Jenkins.

Q: You've been very public about your fight (with breast cancer). How has it affected your drinking habits?

A: My life before breast cancer is pretty much the same as after. I was in such good health. I found the lump on my breast myself, five months after having a mammogram. I followed my instincts and got it checked very quickly. Now, I keep exercising and watch my diet.

Part of a healthy lifestyle is doing things in moderation -- having balance. Life is too short to drink bad wine, so we drink really good stuff in moderation. We don't drink the whole bottle. We cork it back up and save it for the next time or cook with it.

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