Wine audio set is music for the ears

Wine is, admittedly, a mood setter. But you don't need the liquid to do the trick.

This wine-centric sound system, suggested retail price $240, is the latest Japanese gimmick to fool the eye, if not the ear. The wine glass-shaped speakers and the wine vat digital amplifier are accompanied by an LED light that adds "fizz" to the drink.

For audiophiles: The amplifier has a rated output of 4 W × 2ch and input sensitivity of 3000mV that reproduces natural and realistic sound. It measures 62 × 80 × 71.5mm, weighs 200 grams, and the speaker with 32 mm diameter aluminum dome-shaped inverted full range speaker with 4 Ω impedance measure 62 × 130mm, weigh 145 g (each).

The Mini Clear Sound System DT-SA101 is available in Japan right now, but you can always do some online shopping to see if you can acquire one.

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