Inventor of wine box dead at 92

• From the Melbourne, Australia, Herald-Sun:

Winemaker and businessman John Angove remembers telling his father it was crazy to think anyone would buy wine sold in a plastic bag held inside a cardboard box.

Fortunately for consumers and perhaps the wine industry at large, Thomas Angove (right) didn't listen to his then-15-year-old son and pressed ahead with his idea to make wine cheaper.

The result was the early versions of the wine cask, a packaging concept that revolutionized wine marketing and has since spilled over into other sectors.

But Thomas Angove, 92, who passed away at his home ... on March 30 ... was much more than just the 1960s inventor of the wine cask. He will also be remembered as the man who introduced significant wine grape varieties to the Riverland and as a leading figure in the Australian brandy industry for much of his life.

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