VT winery fills GOP's 'office supplies' order

Forget the strip club party expenses that have made the news after a Republican National Committee expenditure filing with the Federal Election Commission. How about nearly $1,000 for "office supplies" from a Vermont winery?

The name of Boyden Valley Winery, located in Cambridge in rural northern Vermont, showed up in the expenditures column to the tune of $982. It was for 60 bottles of its Swedish-style Glogg, a spiced red wine, and was listed as "office supplies."

Boyden Valley Winery, which operates on a crossroads in the small town of Cambridge in rural northern Vermont and specializes in ice wines, turned up on a Republican party filing of expenditures with the Federal Election Commission.

"I'm a little annoyed that I'm tied to such an article," Boyden said in a Tuesday interview with the wire service. "We've worked really hard to ... have a wholesome image."

The winery is located in a restored 1875 carriage barn on the Boyden family farm. It encompasses 8,000 grapevines and 100 acres of maple trees tended by the family for four generations in the Lamoille River Valley.

Boyden Valley Winery is open year-round and welcomes visitors. Presumably, even Republicans.

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