Moscato fastest growing varietal wine

Sutter Home brand Moscato
It is doubtful that Moscato would be among the top five or so wines anyone will list as their favorites, but the folks at E&J  Gallo Winery are working to change that.

Gallo reports it is selling at least six times the amount of the sweet tasting wine than it did just three years ago. In fact, Moscato, a take on its Muscat origins, is the fastest-growing varietal in the U.S. wine business, helping sales figures rise at such labels as Beringer, Sutter Home and Woodbridge.

According to The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch online report, "Moscato’s phenomenal rise in America has been stunning. It’s revived prices for the once-lowly grape, strained available vine supply in central California vineyards, and lured a new generation of wine drinkers.

"Big wine companies are scrambling to make as much as possible, with some buying bulk Moscato wine from Spain and Italy to quench demand. ...

" 'I've never seen something like this in my professional career,' said Stephanie Gallo, who joined the family business in 1994. 'What makes this so exciting is that it's bringing new users to the wine category.' "

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