We'll always have Paris ... to gripe about

It's getting so a girl doesn't know where to turn to make an honest buck.

Celebutart Paris Hilton, 26, often criticized for using her Hilton hotel chain family fortune to support a wild lifestyle, got herself dipped in gold, and nothing else, for a wine advertising campaign. The wine in a can, called Rich Prosecco, comes in original, passion fruit and strawberry flavors.

Right after it made its European debut this month, it came under fire by some Italian winemakers. It was just a couple of years ago she was cricized for being too sexy in an ad for a California hamburger chain.

"Hilton hotels are a sign of quality; Paris Hilton is not," Fulvio Brunetta, president of the wine growers association of Treviso, the Veneto region where Prosecco is made, told the Reuters news agency. "In the U.S. and Australia they toast with beer bottles. That's their culture. The culture of Prosecco is one of friends meeting around a good bottle."

If, in the interest of consumer research, you wish to get a better look at Paris and her ... cans, just click here.

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