7 golds may have decided MD's best winery

Quick. Name the best winery in Maryland.

OK, name any winery in Maryland.

While the state isn't among the powerhouse wine producers, and thus has relatively little recognition outside its own borders, it has been producing some very respectable wines in recent years.

The results of this year's Maryland Governor's Cup Competition puts forth at least two candidates for the unofficial title of Maryland's best.

Black Ankle Vineyards of Mt. Airy, about an hour's drive west of Baltimore, took the top prize, its Crumbling Rock 2006 red blend securing the Governor’s Cup Award after winning the "best red" gold medal. The wine, which retails for $40, is a blend of 38% Cabernet Franc, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot. There were 525 cases produced.

However, Black Ankle may have to take a backseat to Boordy Vineyards, which pulled down golds with seven different wines: Cabernet Franc 2006, Chardonnay 2007, Eisling 2007, Petite Cabernet 2006, Riesling 2007, Seyval Vidal Chardonnay 2007 and Tango Peach 2007.

Boordy (seen above), a 230-acre facility, is located in Hydes, which is a mere 15 minutes north of the Baltimore Beltway in the Long Green Valley. It was established in 1945 by the R.D. Deford family, which makes it the state's oldest family run winery.

The other class winners:

• Best White: Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Pinot Grigio 2007
• Best Rosé: Elk Run Vineyards, Gypsy Rosé
• Best Off-Dry: Elk Run Vineyards, Gewurztraminer 2007
• Best Fruit: Boordy Vineyards, Tango Peach NV
• Best Dessert: Boordy Vineyards, Eisling 2007
• Best Specialty: Loew Vineyards, Country Classic NV

Other gold medalists:

• Basignani Winery, Erik’s Big Zin 2006
• Bordeleau Vineyards & Winery, Merlot 2006
• Cove Point Winery, Pinot Noir NV
• Cygnus Wine Cellars, Cabernet Franc 2006
• Elk Run Vineyards, Gewurztraminer 2007
• Elk Run Vineyards, Gypsy Rosé
• Fiore Winery, Riesling NV
• Frederick Cellars, Riesling NV
• Loew Vineyards, Country Classic NV
• Loew Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc 2007
• St. Michaels Winery, Pinot Grigio 2007
• Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
• Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Chardonnay Reserve 2006
• Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Merlot 2006
• Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Pinot Grigio 2007
• Woodhall Wine Cellars, Cabernet Franc 2007
• Woodhall Wine Cellars, Sangiovese 2007

Go here for the full list of all medal winners.

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