Letters: What's my '26 Boyd-Cantenac worth?

Mr. Dowd:

I’m trying to find out the value of a bottle of wine I have and cannot seem to locate the value anywhere. Hopefully, you may help.

It’s a 1926 France Chateau Boyd-Cantenac, Margaux. It was shipped by Hudes & Fils Vintners and also on the bottle is Proprieters: Fernand Ginestet.

I think this is all but was wondering if I should hold on to it or enjoy it! Thank you.

-- Margaret Buatte, Richmond, VA


You're fortunate to have come into possession of such a wine, assuming it has been protected from extremes of temperature and light since it was bottled 80-plus years ago.

Bottles of this vintage Margaux have been selling for anywhere from $325 to $400, to the best of the data I've been able to uncover.

Chateau Boyd-Cantenac is an old name in the French wine industry. It was named for Jacques Boydi, a nobleman who lived in Bordeaux. He purchased the property in 1754. The chateau has had only a few owners since then. Since 1932 it has been owned by the Guillernet family, which also owns Chateau Pouget. It has had a winery separate from Pouget since 1982.

Despite its age, Boyd-Cantenac wines are respectable but not among the upper echelon.

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