Letters: What are some cider tasting terms?

Mr. Dowd:

Some friends and I want to hold a cider tasting. I've looked on the Internet for ideas and found your site. Very interesting.

What I've been looking for is a list of terms that could be used to describe cider. Can you help me? I've used similar lists for beer and wine, and they help the tasters describe what they are experiencing.


--Tom King, Clemson, SC


For any cider tastings I've held or participated in, there are several key terms to enjoying/judging such an event. Among them:

• Acidity: The "tang" of the cider tells a lot about the particular apples used, the alcohol produced in the maturation process, and the smoothness of the filtration (if any).

• Purification: Some ciders are unfiltered, some are filtered one or more times. Depends on one's taste which one is the preferred method. However, if a cider is filtered, its clarity of color and mouthfeel should be judged.

• Pairing: Does the cider go well with foods and, if so, what types?

I assume you've read some of the things I've written about ciders. Here are several links in case you haven't: (1) and (2).

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1 comment:

Tom King said...


Many thanks for taking time to reply. We'll be having our tasting in a couple of weeks, and your information will help us.

I just wish we could get a better selection of ciders here in South Carolina.