NY political flap may kill wine sales push

The fallout from the shift in power in the New York State Senate yesterday -- what is rather hysterically being called a "coup" by many in the media -- will have to be assessed on an item-by-item basis. (Keep up with the quickly-evolving situation on the Albany Times Union's Capitol Confidential blog.)

One possible victim may be the well-thought-out proposal by Assemblyman Joseph Morelle, D-Monroe County, to allow wine sales in supermarkets. Unlike the earlier flawed proposal by Gov. David Patterson that went nowhere, Morelle's idea broadened the proposal to take into account opposition to such legislation by liquor store owners and others.

However, it remains a volatile and emotional topic that would need extensive debate and attention to go anywhere before the current legislative session is scheduled to end in late June.

If you're a betting person, don't lay any money on wine sales rules changing anytime soon.

[Go here for my earlier report on Morelle's proposal.]

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