Which wine goes with iPhone?

Selecting the perfect wine for the occasion is an age-old practice. But, as with most things, technology has gained a foothold.

"Hello Vino," a free app available through iTunes, delivers personalized wine recommendations to an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The free app, available through iTunes, selects the perfect type of wine to go with a meal or occasion, or to give as a gift. Wine shoppers need only install the app, and answer a few simple questions to get a specific wine recommendation. Hello Vino offers beginning wine consumers an easy way to make an educated wine purchase both in the store and at a restaurant.

"Buying wine can be very intimidating," says Rick Breslin, Hello Vino CEO. "You're standing in the store, looking at a wall full of hundreds of bottles, and you have no idea which wine to buy. Hello Vino takes the pressure off."

The app recommends wine varietals as well as specific brands. Ratings and information including pricing and reviews help consumers pick the ideal bottle. It can be used with or without an Internet connection.

Video demonstrations are available here. You can download the app here.

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