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By Paul Reynolds

Pink wine is increasingly neither sweet nor still, necessarily. That's demonstrated by our new ratings of rosé and sparkling rosé (available to subscribers) and by the rosés I tasted at "Toast of the Town," a wine show I attended last week in New York.

Rosé has gone a long way toward shedding its association with blush, the sweet, generally simple pink wine that was once all the rage. All but one of the 10 still rosés in our ratings were deemed to be dry in style by our wine experts; the one exception was on the line between dry and off-dry and was a recommended bottle.

Our experts detected a wide range of flavors in the wines, including those of fruit salad and bell pepper. They also recommended foods to pair with them, including steamed mussels, chicken tacos, and prosciutto wrapped in melon.

Bottles from France, a rosé powerhouse, predominate in our ratings of still rosé, yet some intriguing rosés on the show floor hailed from some up-and-coming countries for the varietal.

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