New round for cork vs. synthetic stoppers

NEW YORK -- The debate over the worthiness of cork vs. plastic or some other synthetic matter for wine bottle stoppers has taken a turn for the natural.

The Sommelier Society of America, the nation's oldest professional wine teaching institution, and 100% Cork, the campaign to educate the public about the environmental, economic and social benefits of natural cork, today jointly announced that the Society has endorsed natural cork as the preferred closure for wine.

"As a sommelier, I know there is nothing that can replace the pleasure of hearing the iconic 'pop' when you extract a natural cork from a bottle of wine," said Robert Moody, the Society's chairman.  "Natural cork plays such a distinctive role in the preservation and presentation of wine. It is an integral part of the romance of wine, and it remains the gold standard for wine closures."

Moody said natural cork "allows just the right amount of oxygen to mix with the wine over time so that it ages properly, and it provides a durable and reliable seal. The environmental advantage that natural cork has over alternative closures, especially when it comes to sustainability, is the icing on the cake."

The 100% Cork campaign is funded by the Portuguese Cork Association and the Cork Quality Council, based in California. Both industry organizations obviously benefit from the use of cork.

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