Aussies produce first California cabs

Two Hands Wines, the Australian Shiraz specialist, has released the first wines from its new California venture, Two Hands Napa.

They are "Charlie's Patch" and "Some Days Are Diamonds," a pair of 2005 Cabernet Sauvignons. Both were made in very small quantities and will be marketed in select states by Terlato Wines International.

"As with any new region, we are on a steep learning curve," said Michael Twelftree, who owns Two Hands with partner Richard Mintz. "I have always been drawn to the texture and purity of Napa Valley Cabernet and I'm excited to be able to put the Two Hands name behind wine that Richard and I truly believe in."

The wines are made at the Outpost winery on Howell Mountain by winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown. The grapes are grown in elevated vineyards.

The 2005 "Charlie's Patch" carries a suggested retail price $120. Only 5,400 bottles were made. The 2005 "Some Days Are Diamonds" will retail at $45. Only 4,200 bottles were made.

Two Hands is best known for its Garden Series made up of Bella's, Lily's, Samantha's, Sophie's, Harry & Edward's and Max's. It also produces the Picture Series, the new Single Vineyard Series, and the Flagships, a Shiraz, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Grenache named, respectively, Ares, Aphrodite and Aerope.

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