A celebri-quote: Kyle MacLachlan

Actor Kyle MacLachlan (TV's "Twin Peaks," "Sex and the City" and "Desperate Housewives"; moviedom's "Blue Velvet," "Dune" and "Justice League") is part of the celebrity winemaker fraternity. He and Washington vintner Eric Dunham produce wine under the label Pursued by Bear. He was interviewed by Wine Spectator magazine.

"My first vintage (2005), Pursued by Bear, is a blend of cabernet, syrah and a bit of merlot, with a blackberry jam and a cherry cola component … a mineral element and minimal oak."

And the name? While dining with Steve Martin, MacLachlan settled on a "wonderful Shakespearean stage direction that I’ve always loved: 'Exit, pursued by a bear,' from 'The Winter’s Tale'."

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