Iffy NZ wine being sold anyway

There are certain phrases in the Latin language that translate well internationally. Perhaps the most common is "Caveat emptor," or "Buyer beware."

That certainly is the watchword for a New Zealand wine that is being sold with no real notice to domestic consumers after being rejected by European buyers because of its high metal content.

The wine is made by the Te Kairanga winery of Martinborough, New Zealand. Its 4,000-case shipment of 2006 pinot noir, bottled under the Rosecreek house brand name for a German market group, was rejected for having a copper content that exceeded European standards. Te Kairanga subsequently has made a deal with two New Zealand supermarket chains to sell the wine with no mention of the rejection.

Stuff.co.nz quoted Te Kairanga's technical director, Tony Pritchard, as saying in defense of his company's decision:

"This was purely and simply an error that occurred in the cellars, but while it might be above the German standard it is completely safe in terms of consumption."

Prichard was named technical director late last year, after the affected batch had been bottled.

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