Crispin cider puts on a new face

The Crispin Cider Company is putting a new face on its "blue line" of natural hard apple ciders.

The new packaging (right) features a larger Crispin Tree logo, as well as richer, bolder
colors and embossed lettering to give the bottle a more premium look and feel.

Crispin is headquartered in Minneapolis. Its Blue Line consists of the Elegant Original, Invigorating Light and Brut, a European-style extra-dry.

Among its other products, it also makes a yellow-labeled Crispin Honey Crisp Artisanal Reserve (left), a small batch super-premium hard cider smoothed with organic honey. The makers suggest all their ciders be consumed over ice.

Crispin Hard Ciders are naturally fermented using apple juice rather than apple juice concentrate, from a premium blend of West Coast apples, with no added malt, grape wine or spirit alcohol. It is smoothed with pure apple juice or from such natural sugar sources as organic honey or organic maple syrup, and contain no added colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives and are filtered cold. They also are gluten free. person.

If you're not up on the ins and outs of hard cider, go to my "All things cider and how to taste them" guide.

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