P.F. Chang's birthday present: wine deal

If P.F. Chang were a person, it (he? she?) would be too young to drink. However the national chain is marking its 18th birthday with several promotions, among them a bottled wine promotion.

Every Monday and Tuesday in July, in-restaurant visitors will be able to purchase any bottle on the wine list for one-third off the listed price.

Considering that the industry average markup is double the retail price, that results in a very good deal for consumers, especially since P.F. Chang's pays more attention to its wine list than most chains. One other promotion is the offer of free lettuce wraps for visitors to the chain's Facebook page between July 6 and 31.

Some of the good deals I've pulled from the chain's wine list (price listed includes one-third reduction):
  • Chateau Mont Redon Grenache Blend, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France, $33+
  • Beringer Special Select White Zinfandel, California, $22
  • Kabinett, Gunderloch, "Jean-Baptiste" Riesling, Germany, $24
  • Angove Nine Vines Moscato, Australia, $15+
  • MontGras Carmenere, Chile, $17+
  • Alamos Malbec, Argentina, $15+

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